Triple Bottom Line… what does that MEAN?

It’s more than a cultural buzzword and requires more effort than simply putting a recycling can next to the copier. It’s a way of gaining macro perspective on a problem, identifying key stakeholders as well as internal and external cultures, and proposing solutions that engage large swaths of people across various industries.

Sustainability is asking “Why do we do this, and is this the best we can do?” across every aspect of an organization and company, and tweaking programs and processes to achieve unique solutions.

I love this work because I get to collaborate with others, build off my technical know-how and create solutions that achieve targeted environmental, social, and financial objectives.

My specialty is diagnosing and providing targeted strategic direction for companies with a triple bottom line focus.

As an endurance athlete I understand how to look at the macro picture, break things down into manageable parts, and create a plan to get from the start line to the finish line on my own two feet in any kind of weather. Business is the same; there are some things we can control and everything else is factored in with contingency plans. We plan for the unexpected and start running.

My education and experience in sustainability, business consulting, communication, writing and trail running inform my consulting. I work with companies and organizations that have diverse stakeholder interests, yet are only just beginning to embrace sustainability as an important triple bottom line need.

If whispers of “Sustainability” have appeared in the boardroom or stakeholders are starting to wonder where your company stands within the industry, let’s talk.